Material Assistance

As rewarding as it can be, having and raising a child is a lot of work. It also requires a significant financial investment for things like food, clothes, and other essentials. So for those people struggling financially, it can be difficult to procure the items that they need for their children.

Our 30+ centers can help with this, offering material assistance for clients. Some centers require clients to enroll in specific programs, where they can earn items for their children by participating in select education classes, while others do not require enrollment of any kind. Select centers can even help those struggling with rent and other utilities to make ends meet. These material assistance programs can provide you with the following items:

  • Diapers
  • Other baby items
  • Paying rent
  • Finding a home

If you are interested in material assistance, please contact us or visit our Find a Center page to locate the center nearest you and learn more about their specific offerings and requirements.

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