Education Classes

Options for Women is not just for clients looking to set up a one-time appointment for a particular service. Our 30+ centers also strive to serve as an ongoing resource for clients looking to learn more and better themselves, even long after they’ve made a decision regarding their unplanned pregnancy. Our centers offer a variety of pregnancy services, including parenting classes and childbirth education.


Classes available at all centers including the following:

Parenting Classes

If you recently found out you are pregnant but aren’t sure whether or not you are ready to parent, we can help. Our centers can help prepare you for what to expect as a new parent and provide some tips on how to effectively raise a child.

Childbirth Education

Naturally, childbirth is probably the most intimidating part about becoming pregnant, especially if you have never had a child before. Our 30+ centers can provide you with the education and training you’ll need so that when that moment arrives, you’ll feel as prepared as possible.


We also offer the following classes at select centers:

Life Coaching

An unplanned pregnancy can turn your life upside in a moment and can leave you questioning how your future will unfold. Unfortunately, many people in that situation do not feel like they have anyone they can talk to about their predicament. Our life coaching classes will help prepare you for what lies ahead and devise a plan that will allow you to achieve those goals you had set even before your pregnancy.


The prospect of being a father can be a challenging one, especially for those without any prior parenting experience. Our fathering classes will help you meet that challenge head-on, with tips and techniques for being a successful father to your child.

Job Search Skills

If you were having trouble finding a job prior to finding out you are pregnant, that pressure you were already feeling can increase exponentially in a very short amount of time. Our centers are here to help you get the employment you need, with our classes specifically for prospective employees.

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